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How do I hire Special Police for my Campus, Property, Building, School, or House of Worship

Maryland Special Police In Maryland, the special police are used as security officers, but are a step above your typical mall cop. Special police are able to arrest someone for a crime that they witness as long as it is on the property that they are guarding. If they attend police academy training, special police are also able to enforce traffic violations. Otherwise, special training is not required. Maryland’s Public Safety Article § 3-307(b)(3) provides that a special police officer may exercise the powers of a police officer in a county or municipal corporation of the State in connection with the care, custody, and protection of other property of the entity that requested the appointment of the special police officer or other property, real or personal, for which the entity has assumed an obligation to maintain or protect. The statute does not authorize a special police officer to exercise police powers to protect persons not on the property described in the application fo